I love the rustic sign trend that is in full swing right now in the farmhouse decor world. Nothing like a hand painted, distressed sign to spice up any room in your house. I have put together a simple “how to” on how to get that awesome rustic look using brand new lumber. This was seriously so easy…if I can do this then you can do this I promise. Here is a list of things you will need.

Lumber: I used 2,  6 ft long pieces of 1″x 6″ cedar. I picked this up at the Home Depot and it was so inexpensive. I don’t remember the total cost of the lumber but it was under $5!

Stain: I used Minwax Dark Walnut–this is my absolute favorite stain color EVER! I use it on everything. I always have a can of this on hand because it is so perfect! It is really rich and dark and pretty.

Paint: You will need some white acrylic paint, you can pick some up at your local craft store. You will also need any other color of your choice to be the top coat.

Fine Grain Sand Paper

Chalk: I used some super cheap, low quality sidewalk chalk and it worked perfectly!

To get started, assemble your sign however you would like. I cut my boards in half so I had four 3 ft pieces. I put three of those pieces together, and cut the fourth piece into 15.5 inch pieces to nail to the back of the other three pieces to hold it together. I ran my sander across it just a little, not too much because remember, I was going for RUSTIC!

The next step is to stain the wood. You don’t want to use a lot of stain, and you definitely don’t want to cover all of the wood. Whenever I stain I wear a rubber glove so I don’t have brown hands. Use an old rag and dip it into the stain jar. Make sure you don’t have a lot of stain on the rag, a little bit goes a long way! In a sweeping motion rub it across the sign being careful not to stop too long in one place.

Continue with the stain until you reach your desired darkness. I stopped when mine looked like the picture below.

Once the stain is dry you can start with your next layer–the white paint. I used an old paint brush for this. It is the same idea as the stain, get a tiny bit of paint on your brush and sweep it around in a very non-uniform way making sure not to get too much paint in one place. It should look like the picture below.

Once the white is dry you can use your color of choice and do the exact same thing as you did with the white. Remember this is all up to your personal preference on how much paint you end up putting on. I wanted it to look really distressed so I didn’t use very much at all.

Now it is time for the lettering! On the computer I printed out what I wanted it to say on a couple 8×10 sheets of paper and taped them together so that they would be big enough for my sign.

Take your chalk and rub it all over the back side of your lettering.

Place the chalk side down in the position you want the letters on your sign and trace over the letters. I used a mechanical pencil without led in it for my tracing tool.

Once you have it all transferred onto your sign in chalk you can take your paint and fill it it! Simple as that! After the letters dried I ran my sandpaper over it to distress it a little bit more. I LOVE how this turned out! I really like the painted letters better than vinyl ones that I have done in the past on my cricut. It adds a more handmade feel to it that I love!


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