We have all been there, the nasty, poopy chicken water that we are tired of cleaning out and refilling Every. Single. Day. I was so sick of doing this every day that I jumped on the internet and went to work searching for the most economical and easiest way to keep the chicken water clean. I had been seeing posts about the nipple watering system and it looked complicated and I was sure that my chickens would choke to death before they figured out how to use it. Then one day I was at the local feed store and the most helpful man assured me that this was a really great way to water chickens and that it is really easy to train your chickens to drink from it. I took his advice, bought the nipples, assembled the waterer and my chicken tending life has been so much more pleasant ever since.

You can buy A Pack Of 10 Nipples Here, the package of nipples comes with instructions and pictures of how to do it on Amazon link above. Basically all you do is drill holes in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and thread the nipples through and it is seriously as easy as that.


  1. Remove all other water sources
  2. Physically show each chicken where the water comes out by holding their beak up to the nipple and showing them how to get that water out.
  3. Tap each nipple so that there is a drop of water coming out so they can see where the water comes from

Once one chicken figures it out they will all follow. I am a little concerned about this watering method when it gets cold, I am thinking that the water is going to freeze in the bucket so I will probably engineer something different for the winter months. But for the warmer months this is definitely the way to go!

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